Overcoming Adversity – Lynne Klippel’s Newly Released Book Shares Powerful Women’s Stories of Courage and Wisdom

January 10 21:08 2020

Dallas, Texas, USA – Publisher and author Lynne B. Klippel has now released her latest book, Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence. Presenting this ode to strong women, Lynne wants to share stories of these powerful women who overcame adversity with grace, tenacity and a connection with God. Having personally interviewed women from ages 16 to 94, Lynne took their stories of overcoming adversity and compiled them in this radical new book to help women of all ages, across the globe.

Lynne B. Klippel is a highly accomplished woman with a multi-faceted career that spans across six continents. Having worked as a healthcare administrator and corporate trainer, she is currently an author and publisher with more than 300 books published through her company. Honing her love for books since early childhood, Lynne truly embodied her skills and passions when she entered the publishing industry. Since 2003, she has taught more than 20,000 people learn how to write and publish books that build businesses or preserve their legacy. With an aim to help people with the power of books, Lynne’s latest release is full of spirituality and hope.

Women of Scar Clan adapts its name from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ terminology for resilient women. She referred to brave women as her Scar Clan because they had overcome great wounds and now the scar remained as proof of their struggle and subsequently, their success. Further exploring that same terminology, Lynne Klippel’s new book shares stories that are true-to-life, harrowing and poignant but also triumphant and full of hope. Whether it is a connection with God or the connection with one’s inner spirituality, Lynne wants to help women from all walks of life develop that bond and use it to overcome even the darkest of times in their lives.

Lynne B. Klippel lives in Ecuador with her books and her rescue dogs. Having had a resonance for books from an early age, she is now a professional author who has written 28 books to date, while helping thousands of writers start their career. Not only is she a successful author, she is a highly proactive publisher with an aim to give budding writers a platform to bloom and change the world with their work.

Lynne B. Klippel is available for interviews.

Women of Scar Clan: True Stories of Transcendence is now available on Amazon.com

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZXJRGN3

About Lynne B. Klippel: http://www.womenofscarclan.com/about-the-author

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