HyperTech Group ‘HyperCommunity’ Annual Event Successfully Held in Hong Kong

January 10 21:04 2020


On 6 January 2020, the HyperTech Group Annual Event was successfully held in Hong Kong, where blockchain industry leaders, digital currency enthusiasts and industry advocates from around the world gathered in Hong Kong to celebrate the start of a new year. Sam Lee, Chairman of the HyperTech Group; Ryan “The Martian”, Chairman of CollinStar Capital, Honorary Chairman of the HCash Foundation; the HCash Foundation team Adam, Andrew and Kris graced the event.

The VIPs delivered keynote speeches on the past achievements of the Group and new goals going forward for 2020. A review of the achievements of the Group in 2019, showed growth in its community nodes globally and meetings held in the world’s major cities which includes community meetups and multiple global blockchain conferences. To date, HyperTech Group has 231 community nodes in 197 countries and regions around the world.

HyperTech Group also shared the achievements of its star incubation project, Molecular Future (MOF), in 2019 where token price has risen from $0.12 to $1.75, increasing by 13.5 times in less than a year. With a market capitalization of 10,472 BTC, it ranks in the top 50 of the cryptocurrency rankings and is poised to be a star currency of 2020. In 2020, MOF will launch a public chain for the financial sector with the its own token MOS; and the launch of the decentralized financial derivatives trading platform, EXN. With a market size of $8.1 trillion, the derivatives market will have a huge impact on the blockchain ecosystem. As countries begin to impose a “digital tax” on digital currencies, the relative security, transparency and privacy enhancement of decentralized exchanges will no doubt gain the interest of more investors.

Looking ahead, MOF will also explore improvements in infrastructure technology, node revenue, token economy and application adoption which will further unleash the potential of MOF. This major upgrade to further promote MOF will result in more recognition from the industry, listings on global exchanges, expansion of the project’s community base and increase in market capitalization. A partnership is in works to allow spending of MOF at over 2,000 businesses in Hong Kong, to offer community members a real utility of the tokens. With a comprehensive plan laid out, MOS is well positioned to shine brightly in 2020.

Finally, Ryan “The Martian”, Chairman of CollinStar Capital and Honorary Chairman of the HCASH Foundation, summed up the targets for HyperCommunity in 2020: to increase the number of qualified community nodes to 300, to obtain 1 million community members, to open 300 Mars Home globally and to hold a 10,000 members strong conference next.

HyperTech Group will continue to have ambitious dreams for the future and continue to take the blockchain path that is practical and sustainable. The next decade belongs to everyone, and HyperTech Group will continue to rely on innovative business models, rapid global market adoption capabilities, strength from its community, to strive to become the industry standard. In 2020, fighting for glory together, the Group will realize everyone’s dream. The annual event concluded perfectly with wonderful performances and a sumptuous dinner.

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