TotalTemp Temperature Chamber Manufacturer Incorporates Cloud Technology to Deliver Faster and More Accurate Test Results

January 10 20:20 2020
Cloud storage delivers more accurate information as it is set up to transmit and save automatically.

In today’s world of being constantly on-the-go, the idea of having test data automatically stored in such a manner that is easily accessible from practically anywhere and that the same data is stored safely is almost priceless. 

Especially in a field that requires fast, correct information such as product testing. It is absolutely critical that the information gathered is organized, accurate and easy to access at any time.

We at TotalTemp understand that automation, efficiency, accuracy and accessibility are vitally important in the world of thermal testing.

Which is exactly why TotalTemp Cryogenic Thermal Platforms andTemperature Chambers have modern cloud technology. We want your product testing to be the most efficient, secure and accessible than it ever has been.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Technology for Data Storage?

Cloud storage is more economical than on-site server storage. Because there is no physical hardware to maintain, less time and money can be spent on simply storing data. You won’t need teams of people to solely work on data storage, backup and maintenance. You can put those same people to work elsewhere getting products ready for use.

Online cloud storage offers multiple geographical location redundancy and replication. The information is routinely encrypted to keep the data safe from unauthorized users. Additionally, there isn’t concern about losing data in a fire, flood or other catastrophe that can wipe out all of your hard work in a matter of minutes.

Cloud storage delivers more accurate information as it is set up to transmit and save automatically, leaving less room for user error and lost data. Online storage offers the ability to access stored data from any device and location that has internet connection. Whether you are on site or at a client’s office, you can access needed information.

Cloud storage enables multiple people to access the same information at the same time. No one has to worry about getting error messages that a file is already in use. Cloud storage utilizes an easy drag and drop method of organizing and adding files making work fast and simple.

Why Does this Matter to You?

It is vitally important for you and your employees to have access to safe, secure and accurate information before, during and after testing, correct? With TotalTemp’s Temperature Chamber that has incorporated Cloud technology, you will have fast, unfettered access to that needed data.

TotalTemp’s Temperature Controller aptly named Synergy, works synergistically with our temperature chambers and thermal platforms delivering real time results to Cloud Storage. This means immediate test results are available to all levels of workers that the data is shared with. Product testing results are organized and delivered to a secure location automatically by the temperature controller which would otherwise be time consuming and prone to errors.

The data is kept safe with multiple backup saves meaning you can spend more time getting value from the data and less time worrying about backing it up. The files are also autosaving almost constantly meaning you are less likely to lose valuable information, even as multiple employees are working within the same file simultaneously.

Being able to bring all of these elements together quickly and accurately means you benefit from easy to use automation. TotalTemp’s growing product line now offers three standard models of convectionTemperature Chambers: C230, C460 and C900 (number roughly represents volume in inches).  New and custom models being added now. Our original line of new generation thermal platforms is filling out with chambers and small hybrid chambers which combine convection with conduction for even better performance.

TotalTemp’s goal is consistently providing quality products with two year warranty at cost effective prices. This only enhanced by incorporating cloud technology in our controllers for platforms and temperature chambers to deliver faster and more accurate test results.  This allows you to spend more time on what matters most.

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