Australia’s EAORON appeared at the New Year’s eve party with the highest audience ratings in China

January 10 19:16 2020

By taking advantage of the New Years eve party with top traffic in China, Australias top skin care brand is becoming one of the international skin care brands that Chinese consumers are most familiar with, instead of just relying on reputation to conquer the world. Recently, EAORON, Australias best-selling skin care brand strongly landed in Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party, and appeared on the same stage with famous stars such as Wang Junkai, Wang Yibo and Wang Jiaer, attracting the attention of hundreds of millions of young consumers. The cooperation between EAORON and Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party has attracted strong attention of the industry. Industry insiders said that this will promote the popularity of EAORON in the Chinese market to enter a new stage, and will also  inject new vitality into the Australian skin care industry in the development of Chinese market.

The report learned that Hunan Satellite TV has very strict standards for the selection of advertisers, and values brand strength and reputation in particular. “EAORON is a leading skin care brand in Australia with both strong reputation and brand power, our Hunan Satellite TV hopes to cooperate with such a big international brand, so that Chinese consumers can truly use high-quality, natural and non additive conscience skin care products. Head of investment promotion of Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party told the reporter in the interview.

Industry insiders said that the reason why EAORON can defeat many competitors and become a high-quality partner of Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party is that the product strength of EAORON, as a leading brand of skin care products in Australia, is the key.

As the representative brand of Australias top medical cosmetology technology, EAORON has a strong R&D capability. For example, the smear type water light needle that EAORON strongly and mainly promoted in Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party, is its most typical black technology skin care product. It is known that with the worlds leading medical cosmetology technology, this smear type water light needle rapidly penetrates small molecules of hyaluronic acid and collagen into the muscle base, which subverts the defect that traditional water light needle products must be injected, enabling users to easily have the water light skin with a more convenient, fast and safe way of application. Due to its super product strength, as soon as EAORON was launched, it caused a rush for orders in the global beauty market, and has become the champion of cosmetics exports in Australia.

At present, in Australia, EAORON has been the top seller of cosmetics products in two offline channels, CW, the largest local chain pharmacy, and Woolworths, the largest supermarket chain, was selected into the list of must-buy brands when traveling to Australia, and sells well in 22 countries and regions. Its world-first smear type water light needle and bee venom mask and other popular single products are the king of short supply that dealers and agents rush to buy.

“EAORON has been involved in the Chinese market for many years, and has been steady. Driven by its super popular smear type water light needle and bee venom mask, its smear type anti-sugar pill, bubble mask, anti-sugar gold scrub and other products have gradually entered the consumers field of vision. It has won a large number of supporters for its natural and effective ingredients, significant deep moisturizing and anti-aging effect, and its market share is increasing year by year. The iiMedia industry consulting expert analyzed, “The large-scale cooperation with Hunan Satellite TVs New Years eve party marks the start of EAORON’s all-round efforts in marketing, which may push the influence of Australian skin care industry to a brand new level of influence in the domestic market.

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