A New Zealand life science expert has unlocked the longevity code Ezz brand NMN has realized gene anti-aging

January 10 19:12 2020

Do you know how the genes of the long-lived differ from those of ordinary people? Do you know how to supplement longevity factors effectively? The year 2020 has just begun, and the global life science community has already caused a sensation. Auckland Genetics Research Center, the world’s top life science research institution, has published its research results, and announced the official unveiling of the secret to long life.

New Zealands latest finding

Centenarians have longevity codes in their bodies

“Through the research of 100 people over the age of 100 in New Zealand, we found that they lived longer mainly because they were genetically different from us.” Dr. Van Blith Merion from Auckland Genetics Research Center said that they found that APOE and FOXO3A, two genetic factors that contribute the most to longevity, were found in the genes of centenarians, and have successfully developed orally-consumed supplements that can stimulate the growth and synthesis of these two life factors, making it possible for ordinary people to achieve the effect of longevity.

The reporter learned that this is by no means alarmist, but has a rigorous scientific argument and has obtained the consensus of the entire life science community. It is reported that this two longevity factors have different division of labor, APOE can make the body’s lipid metabolism healthier, and FOXO3A, on the other hand, can block cell division cycle, repair DNA damage, promote cell autophagy, enhance the antioxidant capacity of cells, and prevent cell canceration. In addition to carry this kind of gene like centenarians, ordinary people can also synthesize these two gene factor components in the bodies through an enzyme called NAD+.

“Everyone is born with NAD+, which is also the reason why our young people are generally in good health. However, for every ten years of age, the content of NAD+ in the body decreases by half, and by the age of 40, many human bodies are unable to produce NAD+ on their own, leading to cellular senescence,” Dr. Van Blith Merion said.

Ezz brand NMN come on the market

Compound NMN products allow ordinary people to enter the age of longevity

Because of the larger molecular weight, how to increase the content of NAD+ in the body by supplementing the precursor substance NMN of NAD+ has become the research focus of Auckland University of Technology. For this, Auckland Genetics Research Center, invested heavily in expert resources and huge funds. And after a hard struggle, the research center eventually made a breakthrough, and developed the world’s most advanced compound NMN supplements – EZZ brand NMN.

According to clinical trial data, EZZ brand NMN solves the problem of poor absorption of traditional NMN products, and greatly improves the retention of NAD+ active ingredients in the body after two hours after taking orally by adopting the compound formula, so as to increase the contents of the two longevity factors APOE and FOXO3A in the body, reduce blood lipid, repair damaged cells, prevent cell cancer, and play the effect of gene anti-aging. According to clinical blind test, compared with traditional NMN products, the efficacy of this compound product can be increased by more than 10 times.

Industry insiders said that with the launch of the new EZZ NMN supplements by Auckland Genetics Research Center, a new era of low-cost, high-purity NMN has arrived. Since then, every person can use the money for a cup of coffee per day to help the body achieve the purpose of delaying aging, let the body function keep “refresh” at all times, and eliminate all kinds of diseases of the elderly. It is reported that effective NMN products are expected to extend the life of ordinary people by 30 percent or more.

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