The soundtrack album LA TERRA DELLE DONNE by Louis Siciliano and Vittorio Giampietro will be released on June 3, 2023

May 08 10:15 2023
The soundtrack album LA TERRA DELLE DONNE by Louis Siciliano and Vittorio Giampietro will be released on June 3, 2023
LA TERRA DELLA DONNE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Louis Siciliano & Vittorio Giampietro
A very innovative Original Motion Picture Soundtrack projects these two composers to the top of the World Film Industry.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the film “La Terra delle Donne” directed by Marisa Vallone, is composed and played by Louis Siciliano and Vittorio Giampietro. The album to be released on June 3, 2023 for the FILM-MUSIC RECORDS based in Los Angeles and published by MAGIC&UNIQUE MUSIC PUBLISHING is distributed worldwide both in digital (Spotify and all digital music streaming services) and limited edition vinyl, with a special focus on China and the Far East .

This music was born from the need and choice of the two composers to give life, sound and voice to a unique land, Sardinia, represented in all its stratified complexity.Ancestral sounds and organic electronics that move as if alive, pulsating and vital are the characteristics of this innovative soundtrack that bring to the attention of the general public the fantastic work of these two composers who have made research and innovation the their distinctive features.

Where women are the clear protagonists of the film, the Earth plays a central role: it envelops them and holds them firmly to itself, it reflects traditions, constraints, the depth of feelings.And this is the character of the music composed by Louis Siciliano and Vittorio Giampietro: deep, rich in indigenous and primordial sounds, which mix the electronics of analog synthesizers with acoustic instruments such as the sarangi, the bansuri, the didgiridoo, the Launeddas, the shamanic voices, percussions, drums and a very original archaic trumpet that connects us to the deepest bowels of Mother Earth.

The resulting sounds are totally modern and open to today’s world while having an underground link with the Sardinian popular tradition. A reminder of the centrality of Mother Nature in our lives that brings together all the sounds from around the world. The sound of this soundtrack could be defined as “Archetypal Music”. To listen carefully and possibly with headphones so as not to miss any nuance of this magical soundtrack.

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