“Youth Aspirations” activity launched by The Chinese Association for Radio Film & TV Exchanges, lighting up the curiosity of “Generation Z” around the world

March 18 01:56 2023


The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, together with Yoywow Communications presents outstanding “Chinese Generation Z” content creators to the world, aiming to connect and communicate with teenagers all over the world.

In March 2023, the Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges launched a campaign “Youth Aspirations” together with Chinese and foreign scientists, artists, and “Chinese Generation Z” content creators to convey the power of contemporary “Chinese Generation Z” role models.

The event aims to show the talents of exceptional content creators from Generation Z in China to young people all over the world. The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, Yoywow Communications will share the stories of advanced and outstanding peers of Chinese Generation Z in the online space to the whole world, and promote cultural exchange and mutual learning among Chinese and other civilizations. The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, Yoywow Communications have put forward a proposal for the global Generation Z: Pay attention to the works of outstanding Chinese teenagers and share Chinese teenagers positive stories that can guide and inspire all young people towards a healthy and meaningful future. The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, Yoywow Communications believe that the accomplishments of these young individuals represent the new power of China’s future.

The event was officially launched in China in October 2022, as role model education is an essential aspect of everyone’s development, particularly for young people’s socialization and growth. The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, Yoywow Communications want to encourage more young people to ignite their curiosity and thirst for knowledge about the world.

At this event, -people all over the world will witness the remarkable talents of Chinese teenagers with their unique skills, who will share their inspiring stories of growth and personal development with their peers. The Chinese teenagers will engage in conversations with scientists, artists, and various big shots from all walks of life. The Chinese teenagers will visit villages across China, and immerse in local traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage projects to appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture.

This event will show the young generation of China to the world, listen to international voices, create diverse cultural exchange scenes, respect differences, understand the importance of individuality, and jointly support the healthy growth and development of young people. The Chinese Association for Radio, Film & TV Exchanges, Yoywow Communications believe that everyone’s sharing will have a profound and lasting impact on the growth and well-being of young people worldwide through this collaboration.

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