Crypto Crowdfunding Token (CCFD) Offers An Amazing Roadmap That Could Compete With Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Fantom (FTM)

December 23 22:48 2022

It’s pretty much unheard of for a crypto project to come along which has the potential to shake up an established industry. While many have claimed to be able to disrupt the crypto market, it’s only now that seasoned investors believe they may have found the one — Crypto Crowdfunding Token (CCFD). Now in the first stage of its presale with 6000% growth forecasted, CCFD may just change the face of crypto as we know it.

CCFD has positioned itself to revolutionize the world of venture capital. Exciting, early-stage companies frequently find that raising funds through the venture capital process can be a nightmare. Founders must invest their time building the perfect pitch, presenting it to countless VCs, and then dealing with all the follow-up meetings and red tape.

On the other side of the field are everyday investors, shut out from almost all opportunities to invest in high-potential start-ups, mainly because gaining funding from many small investors doesn’t scale — until now.

CCFD leverages blockchain technology to enable businesses looking for funding to connect with millions of micro-investors, opening up opportunities for retail investors to back the companies they believe in for as little as $1. This low initial investment opportunity is achieved through fractionalized equity-backed NFTs, which the multi-chain flagship of the Intercalar Exchange — creates and then issues to investors.

This process ensures that investors have explicit ownership of their investment while also benefiting the company seeking funding by building a passionate community around the business in the process.

The Crypto Crowdfunding team has gone out of its way to secure the ecosystem and reassure investors about the safety of the project. Not only have the smart contracts successfully passed an audit by the respected auditor, Solid Proof, but they boast a “Fill or Kill” mechanism that ensures that funding rounds that do not meet their goals have funds immediately returned to investors. The team’s token allocation has been handled professionally with a lock-up period of a year before vesting begins, and the CCFD token liquidity is locked for an unbelievable ten years.

Notably, Crypto Crowdfunding token holders are eligible for various benefits across the Crypto Crowdfunding ecosystem. These include project governance rights to vote on the future of the platform, staking bonuses, and access to exclusive investor groups.

Where to get CCFD?

CCFD is now pre-selling on as an initial coin offering(ICO),

Presale 1: 25th December 2022 – 25th January 2023

Presale 2: 26th January 2023 – 26th February 2022

Presale 3: 26th February 2023 – 27th March 2023 is an emerging exchange that heavily vet projects before they are allowed on the platform to ensure only the highest quality projects get access to their community of investors. CCFD is expected to be traded on every crypto platform in April 2023.

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