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AESC Dividend New Energy Trend

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AESC Dividend New Energy Trend

April 26
12:04 2022

In today’s trend of new energy and carbon neutrality, nuclear energy, hydropower, and electric energy are also developing like bamboo shoots after a rain, and they are developing rapidly. New energy electric vehicles have become popular in many countries, and Tesla electric vehicles have also become With the world’s highest market value of the car company, the technical fields such as electric energy storage are also making continuous breakthroughs. The lack of new energy technicians and participants rarely appears in the general public. So is this dividend missed by ordinary people?


Achelous Energy, which focuses on turbine hydropower generation, was established in 2017 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with branches in India, Nepal, New Zealand, and North America.

The company has more fans, and small crowdfunding AESC has come into the field of view of the general public. The AESC app has also given the public a surprise recently while helping us ordinary people. After registration, you can receive 10 rupees every day. The interactive fun and community building model, the OTC section added this year is an innovation, allowing the community to help each other freely.


In the one-year plan for AESC to enter India, with the strong support of the Indian government and the cooperation of the World New Energy Foundation, turbine hydro-generator equipment has been installed in many rivers and offshore seas in India, and it has achieved significant power output today. At the same time, many people participating in AESC have gained huge benefits!

AESC plans to make every one of our households have access to electricity in the next five years, to achieve electricity access to every household, and everyone to benefit. Whether this goal can be achieved or not, the media will continue to pay attention to it, everyone please expect!

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