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TokenReward Offers An Auto Staking and Compounding Platform With Sustainable Returns

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TokenReward Offers An Auto Staking and Compounding Platform With Sustainable Returns

April 19
13:40 2022

TokenReward.io is a DeFi as A Service (DAAS) protocol that provides investors with sustainable, fixed, and automatically compounding returns. It has an automatic staking and compounding model.

Investment does not mean anything if the value of assets does not grow over a period of time. In traditional finance, the value of holdings has to counter inflation. Many times, the returns on an investment are lower than the inflation rate.

TokenReward.io helps beat inflation through consistent and sustainable returns.

In just a single day it compounds and rewards users every 15 minutes or 96 times a day. Interest is paid in the native token of the protocol called the $REWARD token.

The APY offered is 383,025.80%. So, a simple buy-hold investment of $1000 will turn into $3,830,454.12 of $REWARD token by the end of a year. Therefore, it provides 0.02355% interest every 15 minutes.

The rewards are generated through the project’s investments made by the Treasury and the trading fees charged to users, and the sustainability is maintained through its Tokenomics and the insurance/emergency fund.


Users are charged a 14% tax on buy orders and 16% tax on sell orders.

The higher tax on sell orders provides an incentive to hold on to the tokens. This incentive for hodling increases accumulation and further drives up the value of the $REWARD token. Along with that, the burning operation during both buy and sell orders also puts deflationary pressure on the token.

Other than taxes or fees the protocol maintains stability through TokenReward.io Insurance Fund (TRIF) and its Treasury.

TokenReward.io Insurance Fund (TRIF)

TRIF is the safety net of the project. Its ultimate aim is to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of the TokenReward.io by maintaining a consistent 0.02355% rebase rate paid to all $REWARD token holders.

In case of a flash crash due to price volatility, TRIF will come in handy to mitigate the risks. Further, it greatly reduces downside risk.

The source of funds for TRIF is the trading fees, as 5% of all trading fees are deposited into TRIF.

During any mishappening, TRIF funds will be used to counter it.

Therefore, TRIF will achieve the long-term sustainability and future growth of the TokenReward.io Protocol.

It can also be seen as a pool of emergency funds.


The Treasury acts as an additional support to the TRIF in the event of an extreme price drop in the value of the $REWARD token. The Treasury also funds the investments, new projects and marketing for TokenReward.io.

Treasury also earns $REWARD through the taxes as 2.5% of buyer orders and 4.5% of sell orders go to the treasury. It is included in the overall taxes on buy and sell orders.

Tokenomics of $REWARD Token

The maximum supply of $REWARD is capped at 325,000,000 or 325 million $REWARD tokens.

Out of this, 46.15% or 150,000,000 $REWARD will go to a Presale Pinksale.

For the liquidity, 100,000,000 $REWARD or 30.77% will be kept.

Of the remaining tokens, 7.68% of the total supply each will be devoted to Company Reserves, Marketing & Airdrops, and a Private Sale.

Further, the token is deflationary as 2.5% $REWARD during all buy and sell orders is burnt.

The liquidity pool of $REWARD is called TokenReward.io Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE). It is funded through a 4% tax fee charged on both buy and sell orders.

Comparison with Other Projects

Compared to other projects, TokenReward.io provides a higher yield. It has hard coded fees and hard coded auto staking.

Some important features to note are Rug Proof minting code, manual adjusting, Fixed Rebase Time, and Locked Liquidity.

The taxes are also quite reasonable compared to other projects. Moreover, the project is hosted on Binance Smart Chain, making it quick and efficient to transact on.

Rug Pull Proof Project

DeFi is riddled with projects siphoning off investors’ money. But TokenReward.io may not be able to do so. The team does not have an incentive as running the project provides them with a higher rate of return.

If the project has just 1 million daily trade volume, then taxes could yield $40,000 per day. That is around $1.2 Million each month in consistent revenue for the project can be generated (and that’s even on an extremely low daily volume example!).

So, the team may not want to refuse $14.4 million a year for just a one-time Rug Pull.


The team is a KYC approved with AssureDeFi and RugDoc for added trust and protection. It consists of a highly esteemed group of 5 blockchain developers, 3 marketing experts, and a CEO.

They hold vast experience in the crypto industry which provides them with an edge. This leverage allows them to easily collaborate with influencers and outdo their competitors.


The project is highly anticipated in the crypto community. Even before the release of the whitepaper, TokenReward.io boasts of around 2000 members on its Telegram group and its Twitter account has over 6000 followers.

At its current pace, the amsterdam based project, is on a trajectory to be the market leader in DeFi. More details on the project can be found on tokenreward.io, questions and grievances should be redirected to their official email [email protected]

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