Coaching for Success in Career, Relationship, and Life by Academy for Self Maximization™ to Experience Fulfillment and Contentment

January 20 15:28 2022
Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna, Founder of Academy for Self Maximization™ is India’s most qualified and experienced, licensed IKIGAI coach for career consultations, relationship counseling for strong personal bonding & professional networks and, life coaching for a life of contentment and happiness.

According to announcements released by Academy for Self Maximization™ and Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna, coaching for a successful life and gratification in professional and personal relationships offered by the academy helps individuals get the most out of their lives.

A life coach provides information and perspective that may differ from what one already possesses. Diversity in perspective from another person’s life experiences and thought processes can open up new vistas to initiate positive changes. Research reveals that eight out of ten people who have worked with a life coach report a rise in confidence. 

The coaching delivered by an experienced life coach like Dr. Khanna stimulates self-awareness in an individual who can look inward to assess shortcomings and bottlenecks toward personal and professional success and then work with the coach to remedy these issues. Clients also learn to appreciate their strengths and the best ways to leverage these robust features of their personalities.

Dr. Khanna works with his clients to understand the nature of the balance they seek to obtain in life. It varies with each person. Dr. Khanna has helped people strike the perfect balance that yields a harmonious and balanced relationship between one’s physical and cognitive being and boosts success in all major areas of life. 

The Academy for Self Maximization™ enables its clients to foster healthier relationships that help them function as valuable members of society. A healthy environment at home is a prerequisite for focusing on one’s life’s objectives. Smooth and functional marriages, friendships, and professional relationships drive success in all spheres, and Dr. Khanna pays particular attention to this aspect of Self Maximization™

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Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna of Academy for Self Maximization™ said, “Discover clarity of purpose. Are you clear on what your purpose in life is? Again, this is a very individual and internal fire that burns within. It’s your passion, dreams, skills, and weaknesses all bundled into one. It’s your direction in life. Clarity of purpose is vital if you want to pursue your dreams. A life coach can assist you in creating this focus. 

“Do what you love, find that one thing you love more than anything else, and doing it every day is a significant contributor to happiness and satisfaction. Having clarity of purpose unlocks insights into what this may be. Coaching for organizations addresses the basic principles that dictate a person’s thinking, behavior, and action. It is like working at the foundational level to uncover deep-rooted paradigms or thinking patterns to enhance performance.  

“A career coach helps you establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges you’re up against, develop action plans, build self-confidence, and instill motivation to take step-by-step action for desired professional decisions to take your business/career to the next level.  

“Relationship coaching is a life coaching specialization that helps people find greater fulfillment in their personal relationships. Relationship coaching is typically deployed for various relationship dynamics, from romantic to family relations to friendships and networking.”

About the Company: 

The Academy for Self Maximization™ trains individual and corporate clients through a unique coaching program that fosters personal development and professional growth. Its founder, Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna, is a multifaceted personality who uses life coaching, NLP, and numerology to help one identify the purpose of life, behavioral traits, and natural capabilities to make life successful and happy.

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